Wera 003785 - 8100 SB HF 1 Zyklop Metal Ratchet Set Zyklop Metal

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Wera Zyklop Speed 8100 SA All-in 1/4-Inch Drive Metric Ratchet Set, 42 Piece
1/4" Drive Zyklop Speed Ratchet

8790 HMA HF Hex Sockets:
4.0 x 23mm
4.5 x 23mm
5.0 x 23mm
5.5 x 23mm
6.0 x 23mm
7.0 x 23mm
8.0 x 23mm
9.0 x 23mm
10 x 23mm
11 x 23mm
12 x 23mm
13 x 23mm
14 x 23mm

8740 A HF External Hex Sockets:
3.0 x 28mm
4.0 x 28mm
5.0 x 28mm
6.0 x 28mm
7.0 x 28mm
8.0 x 28mm

8767 A HF Torx Sockets:
T8 x 28mm
T9 x 28mm
T10 x 28mm
T15 x 28mm
T20 x 28mm
T25 x 28mm
T27 x 28mm
T30 x 28mm
T40 x 28mm

8740 A Hex Sockets:
2.0 x 28mm
2.5 x 28mm

8751 A Phillips Sockets:
PH #1 x 28mm
PH #2 x 28mm
PH #3 x 28mm

8755 A PoziDriv Sockets:
PZ #1 x 28mm
PZ #2 x 28mm
PZ #3 x 28mm

8700 A FL Slotted Sockets:
0.8 x 5.5 x 28mm
1.2 x 6.5 x 28mm

8794 A Extension: 1/4" x 56mm
8796 LA Extension: 1/4" x 150mm
Nut Extractor: 14.0 x 43mm

Portable Textile Case
The Wera Zyklop ratchet combines 5 ratchet types into 1 robust tool
Swivel head has defining lock points at 0, 15 and 90 degrees left and right, preventing the head from slipping, for reliable and safe working
Combination of freewheeling sleeve and rotating mass design turns nut or screw with unbelievable speed at 0 degree position
Ratchet can be used as conventional screwdriver
Features easily accessible thumbwheel that reverses direction in any position
Sockets feature distinctive knurling for easy manual tightening
Premium extensions are fitted with Wera's flexible lock system preventing slipping or accidental disconnection and loss of tool

Kraftform multi-component handle, with hard and soft zones, fits the shape to the hand for the ultimate in comfort and high-speed torque transfer

Set comes in a portable textile case

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