Walter ORBIT Welding Helmet WAL-BFFVX3-1800

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Walter ORBIT Welding Helmet BFFVX3-1800

See color in its truest form with ArcOne’s exclusive HD technology. This innovative feature available with ArcOne lenses on the ORBIT hood increases the range of visible light when looking through the welding lenses. This means you’ll see more natural colors, providing a clearer, more defined view of your work area.



  • 24-square-inch viewing area thanks to 3 lenses that improve peripheral view of surroundings
  • External controls for shade adjustment and grind mode
  • Unparalleled optical clarity and sensitivity
  • X-TIG mode for welding when views are obstructed
  • Wider-fit design made for comfortable welding
  • Solar-powered
  • USB charger included for on-the-go back-up charging
  • Scratch resistant cover plate
  • 3 year warranty on auto-darkening filters
  • Part No. BFFVX3-1800
Product Name // Part Number Walter ORBIT by ArcOne // BFFVX3-1800
Viewing Area 24 sq. in.
HD Lens Technology ✔️
Light State Shade ADF: Shade 3
Sides: Shade 6
ADF Shade Range Shade 5-13 Variable
Additional Features X-Mode, Grind Mode (External Control)
Number of Sensors 3 Sensors
Warranty 3-Year Manufacturer Warranty on ADF

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