Stabila LAX400 - 03360 Crossline Laser w/o Receiver

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The LAX 400 brings high-end laser performance to all your jobs. It’s a complete solution combining multi-laser functions for all of your indoor aligning and levelling work, reducing mark-up time to a minimum. With the help of the STABILA MANUAL ALIGNMENT technology the projected 90° angle can be manually rotated without losing the position of the plumb-line dot. This is essential for the precise control of axes. Indoor horizontal levelling tasks are solved thanks to a continuous 360° line. This makes the LAX 400 a cutting-edge laser for all those who want to work smarter and better.

LAX 400 multi-line laser

MANUAL ALIGNMENT: accurate pivoting of the vertical laser lines to a target point


Product advantages

  • Self-levelling multi-line laser with full 360° horizontal line for transferring heights, two vertical lines at a 90° angle to one another and a plumb line upwards and downwards for exact layout work.
  • MANUAL ALIGNMENT: accurate pivoting of the vertical laser lines to a target point using the knob – the laser rotates through the plumb-line dot without losing its position.
  • Precise work directly on the bright, fine laser lines at distances of up to 20 m.
  • Rotatable housing with extendable foot for height adjustment for working directly on U-profiles.
  • Pulse-modulated laser lines for working with an optional line receiver.
  • Quick self-levelling function thanks to pendulum technology.
  • Easy to change functions using single-button operation.
  • Versatile use: can be used on the floor, on a tripod (5/8“ thread) or attached to metallic objects.
  • Shock-absorbent STABILA soft grip casing.
  • Stable aluminium housing top.
LAX 400 multi-line laser

Precise work directly on the bright, fine laser lines

Application examples

  • For a wide range of tasks in drywall construction – for layout work, when positioning partition walls and suspending ceilings. Transfer heights quickly and easily in electrical installation work – align plug sockets, switches and cable ducts horizontally and vertically with one another. For tiling work – when marking out the tile layout and when aligning and laying the tiles. Precise transfer of marking points during plumbing work – align pipe clips vertically and horizontally with one another quick positioning and installation of lines and heating pipes. Transfer heights reliably for joinery – transfer drill holes accurately and align worktops quickly align furniture and cabinets precisely to one another and install them.

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