KLEIN 56333 - 1/8" STEEL FISH TAPE - 120'

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  • Durable, high-carbon strength 1/8-Inch wide steel fish tapes are firm yet flexible for long runs and large wire pulls
  • Case design decreases payout effort and friction by optimizing the tape payout angle
  • Slip-resistant housing geometry improves winding power and reduces binding
  • Multi-position handle gives you a firm, steady grip as you pull or rewind tape from the case
  • Descending laser etched markings in 1-Foot (0.3 m) increments allow you to more accurately measure conduit runs and the amount of tape left to pay out
  • Protective coating on the steel tape reduces corrosion from non-contact moisture and humidity
  • Polypropylene case and handle offer high impact resistance
  • U.S. Patents: 8164025; 8168921; 8212178; 9895773; 10099316

    The Klein Tools' 120-Foot, High-Carbon Steel Fish Tape is perfect for wire runs associated with commercial, residential and voice-data-video installations. The optimized housing and handle design decreases payout effort and reduces binding. A multiple-position handle allows for a firm, steady grip as you pull or rewind the tape. The unique interior case shape combines the leverage of square cases and the comfort of round cases, which makes rewinding tape after a long run easier. The tape features laser-etched descending markings placed at every foot. These markings allow you to accurately measure the depth of conduit runs and determine the amount of tape left to pay out.

    Steel Fish Tape
    Wire Pulling
    Special Features:
    Optimized Housing Design, High Carbon Steel
    Overall Length:
    1.85'' (4.7 cm)
    Overall Height:
    16.21'' (41.2 cm)
    Overall Width:
    12.35'' (31.4 cm)
    Tape Size:
    120.0' x 1/8'' x 0.062'' (36.6 m x 0.3 cm x 0.2 cm)
    13'' (33 cm)
    Tape End:
    Double Loop
    5.0 lb (2.3 kg)

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