CMT 190.815.41 - UP & Downcut Spiral Bit 1/2" 3x3 Edge

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CMT CNC Chucks & Cutters

CMT 190.815.41 Up & Downcut Spiral Bit 1/2 inch (DLCS Coated)

Provide an excellent finish on both the upper and the lower side of the workpiece.
DLCS is a modified Dia-mond-like carbon coating with enhanced load bearing capacity. A hard, durable metal-based layer (chromium nitride) provides an higher hardness surface and increases the resilience of the superposed, tribologically effective carbon coating. Coating prevents high heats which is detrimental to cutting tool performance and will remain fully effective after use.PROVIDES 3 TIMES LONGER LIFE THAN UNCOATED TOOLS! Offers impressive hardness on cutting areas of the tool and superb protection against abrasive wear and stress resistance. The minimal micron coating guaranteed perfect sharpen edges for high cutting quality. Very good running-in and low friction losses. Reduction of sticking. Ideal for high speeds in Nesting applications. Less overheating! The coating guarantees working temperature up to 400° preserving the cutting edges from wear.

Diameter 1/2"
Cutting Length 1-1/8"
Total Length 3"
Shank Diameter 1/2"
Material HWM

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