Dewalt Flex Advantage

DEWALT has recently come out with its new 20V MAX with FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE technology. They have 4 new tools available that utilize this tech.... A 7-1/4-In. Circular Saw (DCS573B), A 1/2-In. Hammer Drill/Driver (DCD999B), a Reciprocating Saw (DCS386B), and a 4-1/2-In.-5-In. Cordless Grinder (DCG416B).

 With FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE, Flexvolt batteries will produce greater performance and power when coupled together with the new FLEXVOLT tools. The FLEXVOLT ADVANTAGE technology causes the tools to recognize which battery that is on the tool and it will regulate the amount of power that is sent to the tool. Even though any 20 Volt Battery will run the new tools, the FLEXVOLT batteries will give you the tools at full power .

Flexvolt Advantage Recip Saw (DCS386B)

Dewalt DCS386B Recip Saw

The DCS386B - Reciprocating Saw has up to 50% more power when paired with a DCB606 60V MAX* FLEXVOLT® battery vs a DCB205 DEWALT 20V MAX* battery. With a 1-1/8 in. stroke length this saw will deliver delivers super fast cutting speeds. It also comes with a super bright LED light for great visibilty in low light work areas.

Flexvolt Advantage Circular Saw (DCS573B)

The Flexvolt Advantage Circular Saw has up to 77% more power when paired with

Dewalt DCS573B

a DCB606 FLEXVOLT® Battery vs. a DCB205 20V MAX* 5.0Ah Battery. This saw will give you up to 42% more power when paired with FLEXVOLT batteries. This saw can also be optimized to whatever task you have at hand with a 3 speed transmission.

Flexvolt Advantage Hammer Drill/Driver (DCD999B)


The Flexvolt Advantage 1/2 in. Cordless Hammer Drill has up to 42% more power when paired with a DCB606 FLEXVOLT® Battery vs. a DCB205 20V MAX* 5.0Ah Battery. It is also compatible with all DEWALT® 20V MAX* and FLEXVOLT® Batteries and is equipeed with a 20X Brighter 3 mode LED Light and a 3 speed transmission.

Flexvolt Advantage Cordless Grinder (DCG416B)

The New Flexvolt Advantage Grinder has up to 54% more power when paired


with a DCB606 FLEXVOLT® battery vs. a DCB205 20V MAX* battery. The brushless motor delivers 1,550 max watts out and up to 9,000 rpm. This Grinder is part of our PERFORM & PROTECT™ product line with Kickback Brake and E-CLUTCH® System. 



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