Paslode F250S-PP - Positive Placement System Hanger Nailer 1-1/2" and 2-1/2"

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The Paslode F250S-PP -  Positive Placement System  Hanger Nailer 1-1/2" and 2-1/2" 


Power. Speed. Versatility.
Drives both 1-1/2” and 2-1/2” Metal Connector Nails.
More and more metal connectors like hurricane ties, straps and tie downs are being specified in single family homes and multi-family structures. The installation of metal connectors requires a nailer that delivers the power to flush drive nails into engineered lumber (LVL, LSL, PSL), the durability to withstand production use and the speed and reliability to be productive.  That’s why professionals have relied on the Paslode F250S-PP Positive Placement® Nailer with its unique probe that finds metal connector nailing holes quickly and accurately, hole after hole and its ability to repeatably drive nails flush. 

Paslode invented the metal connector nailing category and our Positive Placement Fastening Systems which include hardened, heat treated metal connector nails deliver maximum productivity and reliability.

  • Versatile: Drives 1 ½” and 2 ½” nails.
  • Powerful: Flush drives up to 2-1/2” Nails into engineered lumber (LVL, LSL, PSL).
  • Accurate: Positive Placement® Probe tip quickly locates nailing hole in metal connectors.
  • Dependable: Drive nails consistently to maximize productivity and efficiency.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Reduces fatigue and increases maneuverability.

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