Forney 30705-E7018 - 3/32" x 5 lbs. Stick Electrode

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E6013 steel electrodes are ideal for all-purpose and all-position welding. These rods are great for light gauge metal, sheet metal, duct work and all types of mild steel fabrication! These rods produce excellent wetting action, yielding smooth and flat beads with steady arc with either AC or DC operations. Use these electrodes on mild steel where ease of operation and good appearance is required.


  • E7018 rods are the ideal general-purpose rod for medium to shallow penetration, poorly fitted joints and all types of mild steel. Specifically great for light gauge metal, sheet metal and duct work.


  • The small size of these rods make them well suited to low heat on thin metals. They provide easy operation and appealing welds.


  • These rods result in low spatter and excellent slag removal. They are virtually self-cleaning electrodes in vertical down fillets.

    30705-E70183/32'' 5 lbs. Steel Electrode

    E7018 3/32''  general-purpose welding rod is ideal for light gauge metal, sheet metal, duct work and more.

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