Coast FDX356- 3.5" Frame Lock Folding Pocket Knife Limited Edition


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        One blade, twice the safety. During standard use, the Liner-Lock automatically engages and locks the blade open. But when you need to make more rugged cuts, push the Double Lock switch forward to block the Liner-Lock from possibly disengaging and allowing the blade to close on your hand. Adjust the safety detent-action (which controls how easily the knife closes) with the tension screw on the side of the knife.

      • FRAME LOCK

        Safe, single-handed blade control. Knives equipped with a Frame Lock use the knife’s frame as a locking mechanism and allow you to keep one hand free while opening and closing the knife. 

      • G10

        G10 is a specialized composite made from layers of fibrous material and resin compressed under extreme pressure. COAST G10 handles include an interior steel support for durability.

      • THUMB STUD

        Open the knife with a quick flick. Small studs mounted on each side of the knife blade allow for easy, one-handed opening.


      Carry your knife how it suits you best. With COAST’s Two Position Knife Clip, you can adjust the pocket clip to how you wear the knife, with easy access to your dominant hand.

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